YES 旅は続きます


I returned from an trip to Mt.Shasta CA.  It was only amazing time in Shasta.but also challenging time for me. Maybe I have known it would be a challenging journey. But it’s more than I expected…hahaha…
 so I can’t describe what our trip was exactly in my words. Because words can’t be enough. and so much has happen. so I’ll uplode pictures I took during the trip,
this time,I travelled Mt.Shasta with my friends. basically i have travelled by myself  until I took a trip to Hawaii with my friends 3 years ago. Dhrma Bum have been going into a mountain alone for the spiritual practice because they keep from desire and suffering which come from interacting with others.
in a way travelling alone is much easier than travelling with someone for me.
actually because it’s carefree and easy to keep calm. But now I don’t want to travele alone. maybe since Hawaii trip 3 years ago. i think that you can appreciate yourselves truly when you interact with someone. Anyway mikarin,muu san,mayu,touma san and masako  you have been amazing companies.  Arigatou   I love you~~~~!
 and …yes the journey goes on…

tons of love

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